Application Development
Your enterprise applications power mission-critical data and provide the business processes that deliver true competitive advantage. Your personal productivity programs give your employees the tools they need to do their jobs right. And your rich Internet applications deliver information in flexible ways to help your employees succeed. The right service-oriented architecture (SOA) connects them all together so that you can give people access to the programs and services they need to make your business thrive.

In other words, applications are at the heart of your business. They're at the heart of ours, too. Our deep expertise in application development is backed by thousands of successful implementations worldwide. We can help you lower your cost of ownership by creating repeatable services based on .NET. And we can help you create a truly agile enterprise that is flexible enough to meet your needs today—and adapt to your needs tomorrow

Technology Infrastrucutre
Camano's Technology Infrastructure associates help create dynamic infrastructures that are efficient, scalable and extremely flexible. Our Microsoft-based infrastructure services help you take full advantage of your existing investments—including line-of-business applications—while providing better ways of getting a less complicated, more agile infrastructure. From the data center to the desktop, we offer a wide range of services designed to help you spend more time on what really matters: your business.

Datacenter Automation
At Camano, we believe that a holistic datacenter strategy is key to business agility. With the Datacenter Transformation and Optimization service, you'll get a dynamic infrastructure based on a unique combination of new Microsoft® technologies for virtualization, management and security. We work with you to develop solution road maps to help you take control of your datacenter assets for a centralized—and optimized—operation. You'll be able to:

  • Scale as needed, without sacrificing the safety of your data.
  • Get fast, flexible server provisioning dynamically within minutes, with a typical 60 to 90 percent reduction in physical servers (numbers will vary*).
  • Identify and allocate resources according to real-time peaks and ebbs with automated monitoring and control processes.
  • Prepare your datacenter to integrate cloud computing.
  • Standardize your approach to governance so you stay current as cloud-based offerings mature.

Server Virtualization

With the substantial expense of hardware—and the fact that actual server utilization ranges from only 5 to 40 percent for the average company—it's no surprise that virtualization is becoming a popular way for organizations to reduce their operating costs. But despite its obvious benefits, virtualization must be part of an overall IT strategy in order to maintain the optimal levels of service delivery and operations.

Camano provides a wide range of virtualization offerings that support the dynamic IT infrastructure today's businesses need. We handle the complexity of integrating enterprise-class technologies so you can easily achieve a unified, virtualized computing environment. Then, we provide you with powerful management tools so you can maximize the efficiency and cost savings of your virtualized environments.


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